We all waited forever for Most Wanted Two to be published. But it never arrived. Millions of Villains & Vigilantes fans were devastated. Jeff Dee...well, it's probably fair to say poor Jeff had to endure more than the recommended daily amount of questions about MW2.

Now, we have the opportunity to boldly go where FGU has never gone before. The chance to build MW2 from the ground up. Interested?

A mailing list for the project, for character submissions, has been set up on Onelist by Eric Edwards. You can visit the list at this link. And the discussion forum at WebRPG will give you a better feel for the creators and potential contributors to MW2.

UPDATE Mar 2 2000! Take a look at Brian Rogers' vision of the entryway to the records right here!

UPDATE Mar 21 2000. Here is a working (for the most part anyway) sample to check out. Click here.

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